Blucher semi brogue


This shoe has been made using the best materials that exist in the market. Its construction is the traditional handwelted, this process requires a escepcional expertise and experience from the artisan.

Each shoe is cut and trimmed, reinforcements are applied to the critical points, and the loops are sewn by hand. Both the lining and the cut are manually stretched on the last, obtaining the optimum tension.

For the fence and sole, we use the leathers of the German tanning company JRedenbrach, which makes oak 100% vegetable tan , this guarantees both flexibility and resistance to abrasion far superior to any other leather used for this purpose.

The buttresses and bumpers are made with leathers 100% of national vegetable tanning, which provide the necessary comfort to those pieces.

The sewing thread is made up of several strands of linen, empegadased and tangled together, resulting in a very resistant rope. Each point opened by the awl, is blinded when crossing the two threads, this provides an excellent solation, as well as an optimal waterproofness, as each point is closed independently, like a weld.

In the leather sole, the second seam (dotted), is hidden by a cleft, thus showing a beautiful smooth and polished surface.

All our shoes are delivered with red cedar bolts for proper maintenance.

Price from €650.00.

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