Enrile artisanly produces this backgammon, using first 100% vegetable cow leather.

This product has an extraordinary combination of different craft techniques behind it.

The wooden case is presented in leather and hand sewn around its perimeter with two cables in a traditional way.

The board is made with leather inlays calibrated to an exact thickness, to avoid steps.

Underneath a sheet of cork is placed to avoid the stunting sound of the dice.

The tops are made of water buffalo poles, their polishing and design allows their easy slip.

The dice are made of mammoth ivory, the only legal ivory in the world.

The customization: All our backgammons include an engraving with the name of the person for which it is made, the brand and the identifying number.

The cover: The client selects the color of the 100% wool felt that will serve as a cover and playmat.


65 × 50 (open)

32 × 50 (closed)

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