Spanish shoemaker Enrile, has recently released a new model that I find to be quite attractive and unique. His models are often hit more miss with me, more so for the bulbous last shapes. But this one while still having quite a puffed up toe, at least has a more slender silhouette which is very pleasing to my eye. The puffed wingtip and heel counter feature I always found intriguing, never loving it but neither hating it. I think that it suits certain looks and doesn’t others. As Enriles shoes for me look a bit more country, i.e. heavy, I think that it suits this look, as opposed to some super sleek shoe having these puffed up pieces of detail on such a sleek shoe. It just doesn’t match. Here it does. And I think that the touch of leaving the thread natural (which he often does) really suits the look as well. I could very well see these under some nice linen trousers with a braided belt, and linen button up oxford shirt and a Panama hat, while smoking a cigar on the beach promenade of some Carribean country. Imagine that!

I better save up for that trip to Panama!

Well, after 3 months in NYC, I am now back to London and a month long trip around EU and Asia. Now begins the real travel! Wish me luck!

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’